– East Mossy Oaks –

Performed earthwork and underground utilities for Texas Sterling Construction for the construction of Easy Mossy Oaks Drive located in Springwoods Village. Work consisted of 800 linear feet of triple barrel 6×3 reinforced concrete box culverts, 320 linear feet of 6×4 reinforced concrete box culverts, 1130 linear feet of 72-inch reinforced concrete pipe, 4500 linear feet of 18-inch non-potable water lines, 4500 linear feet of 8-inch through 30-inch sanitary sewer lines, and 4500 linear feet of 6-inch through 12-inch domestic water lines. In addition to the utilities Deanco performed roadway excavation and excavation of drainage corridors 1 and 2.

Springwoods Village, Harris County Improvement District No. 18
Texas Sterling Construction Co.
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
Walter P. Moore