– Barbers Hill North Elementary, South Elementary Additions, Perry Road Package 1 and Perry Road Package 2 –

Performed underground utilities and earthwork for Purcell Construction for the construction of Perry Road Package 1 and 2, North Elementary and South Elementary Additions. Earthwork included approximately 230,000 cubic yards of excavation for the outfall ditch and detention pond. All earthwork onsite for the North Elementary and South Elementary Additions. Some of the highlights of the utility work included approximately 2500 linear feet of 36-inch sanitary that varied in depth from 26’ deep up to 30’ deep alongside proposed Perry Road, in addition to over 1500 linear feet of 72-inch reinforced concrete pipe, jacking dual 6×5 boxes underneath an existing gas line across a fifty foot easement, and near 3,000 linear feet of 12-inch through 18-inch water lines.

Barbers Hill Independent School District
Purcell Construction
PBK Architects